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Introducing “Ministry Plus”

Now that Helen isn’t working and we have bought a campervan I have more flexibility in the way I arrange my diary so I have come up with the concept of “Ministry Plus.”

People often comment that they would, for example, love to host one of my photographic exhibitions if I’m ever “up their way” but are conscious of the distance and expense involved to travel from Cornwall. With this in mind, I decided to leave space around my ministry trips ‘up country’ to visit supporters, other evangelists or to be available for short ministry  opportunities. I’m also going to put up dates of tours/holidays so you can book me whilst I’m passing by. The campervan means I don’t have to impose on anyone for hospitality and by booking me when I’m already in your area you don’t have to pay the whole of my travelling expenses.

Take a look at my diary dates to see if I’m coming your way. I’m happy to bring one of my photo exhibitions, to preach, to run a children’s programme or to teach on or be part of an evangelistic programme.

“Ministry Plus” Diary


March 28th – April 13th     Scotland.

Available throughout and en route in either direction.

May 13-28th   Brighton Fringe Festival.

Involved in street evangelism 13+14th and 27+28th but available in between times.

July 3rd-7th     Evangelism training in Cardiff.

Available for bookings afterwards only.

July 27- 4th     The Edge Camp, Taunton.

Available for bookings afterwards only.

September 11 – 16th St Ives Festival


18th    Street evangelism, Truro

23rd    Street evangelism, Truro

27th    Indian Queen’s School

28th    To Scotland


20th    Street evangelism, Truro

20th    Royal Cornwall Show meeting

21st     Prayer and Share

24th    Tregolls School

OAC Committee

25th    Devoran School

26th    Archbishop Benson School

27th     Street evangelism, Truro





More Prayer Matters

Pray for the street evangelism training course in Cardif in July.

Praise God for the successful changes  to the structure of OAC in the last 12 months and pray for the forthcoming change to becoming a CIO.

Pray we might recruit a National Treasurer.

Pray for a greater profile to attract more evangelists.

Pray for more speaking engagements.

Pray for more bookings for “A Sideways Look” and “1000 Faces” exhibitions.

Pray for an increase in finance.