Hello, I am Marten Holmes

I’m a storyteller, photographer and creative evangelist with OAC Ministries.

I live in Cornwall but often work elsewhere in the UK and beyond.


Marten Holmes

Christian storyteller, photographer and creative evangelist.

I have been working full time with OAC since 1992 using a variety of creative ways to share something of the love of God. Whether I’m taking a school assembly, witnessing at a New Age festival or speaking in a church, I am telling a story and using visual aids to help that story lodge in people’s memory.

Maybe you’re seeking to tell part of God’s story and are looking for a bit of help and encouragement? I’d be delighted to help if I can. Here’s a few ways I’d be happy to help:



“A Sideways Look” exhibition

and  the

“1000 Faces” interactive art project

(More details on the photography page)

For creative evangelism

As part of a led meditation

A talk to stimulate thinking and discussion



Kids in church

Speaking in family services

Family fun days

Camps and holiday clubs

“Magic” shows

Reflective spaces



Meal with a Message

After dinner speaker and/or testimony

“Round the Clock” –  a 20 minute cabaret show with the Gospel woven through ‘magic’ tricks





Sharing your testimony

Schools ministry

Using a sketchboard on the streets




Preaching the Gospel

Preaching on evangelism

Sharing about OAC


OAC Ministries

OAC Ministries (GB) is part of Open Air Campaigners International. It was founded in Australia in 1892 and spread to New Zealand, North America and Great Britain in 1962. Today there are OAC evangelists in 26 nations. Marten was appointed as National Director GB in 2014.

OAC’s roots are in preaching the gospel in the open air. Whilst this still remains a core activity, OAC evangelists are involved in many different spheres of ministry, both indoors and in the open air.


OAC has one of the largest schools ministries in Britain reaching tens of thousands of young people each year. The schools ministry differs from the street work. Our staff are specifically trained so that they understand the legalities and sensibilities applicable to working in an educational establishment. Schools are by law obliged to provide a regular act of worship that is mainly Christian.

A typical OAC assembly involves telling a Bible story using visual aids such as a sketchboard or magic trick. The stories are carefully crafted to be educational, culturally relevant and to uphold the moral stance of the school as well as being Biblical.

You can view a couple of school assemblies by clicking  HERE and HERE


There will be a team preaching on the streets most days of the week somewhere in Britain and numerous staff taking assemblies in schools each day.

OAC evangelists are involved in numerous other ministries including fetes and festivals, New Age festivals, residential homes for the elderly, holiday clubs and kids clubs, visiting ships and prisons. All OAC staff hold a DBS certificate.


OAC is also committed to training others and holds several training events each year, as well as running regular missions and training on a one to one basis.

In Britain we have a team of over 30 full and part-time evangelists and associates, as well as an army of volunteers and prayer partners.