creative evangelism

Our night’s outreach was cut short after complaints from the police and security firm in charge of the late night shopping in Truro. This was the third time we’d been out guarding an empty crib and giving out leaflets announcing the imminent coming of the King of Kings whilst dressed as security guards.

First the police came and took our details and complained that we need to have an SIA licence to undertake security services. As we were involved in street drama and not undertaking security services we obviously┬ádon’t ┬áneed a licence. However they said we could be mistaken for the ‘real thing’ and wouldn’t be able to deal with an incident so we were requested not to come back again.

Later the firm organising the event security asked us to move on as they’d had complaints from stall holders, the police and the event organiser. Again they were concerned that we’d cause confusion in the event of an incident and cited when a woman collapsed a couple of weeks ago. Apparently someone approached security at that time and nothing was done about it! As it happens we arrived on the scene that evening just as the ambulance was leaving so no-one approached us, nor on any other occasion.

As we are nice people and as we were coming to the end of the evening’s outreach we prayed for them and left. However, we will be back next year but with the word “NOT” painted large above the security badge. It does feel that there is an increasing resistance to street evangelism in Truro!