Introducing “Ministry Plus”


“Ministry Plus” Diary


All bookings cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More Prayer Matters

These are difficult times for everyone and much prayer is needed. Please do pray that God will pour out His mercy on His world. Pray that He will hold back this pandemic.

Pray that God will give knowledge to the scientists looking for an effective cure and also for a vaccination.

Pray that Christians will know God’s peace that ‘passes all understanding’ and that it will make them out in society that has little hope.

Pray that society will reassess attitudes and beliefs as we adapt to this new world.

Pray for me and other evangelists as we seek to continue to share the gospel. Pray that we will be ready to go into all the world when the restrictions are lifted.

Please pray that finances to the ministry will hold up. I’ve already been hit financially on a number of levels.