A team of OAC and K180 evangelists gathered in London from 23rd to the 27th April for the annual Go Mission. The Go Mission is an opportunity to preach the gospel around London using the different venues mentioned on a Monopoly Board. We split into two teams and preached at an average of 3 different venues each day. The team was based at St John’s Church, Stratford where we slept, breakfasted and shared in team prayer times. We then caught trains, tubes and buses throughout the day before coming back for a late night debrief and prayer time

It was a great time working with other evangelists and there were some really great conversations during the week with people that didn’t know much about Jesus. In fact the most productive conversations were with people from overseas that had had very little previous exposure to the gospel. We gave away lots of leaflets and Gospels of John and prayed with a good number of people. Several people prayed to become Christians whilst others went away to read and think things through more deeply.

This was the second year that we have run the Go Mission. We are currently praying as to whether we run another Go Mission in London next year or whether run something similar elsewhere. OAC has a number of teams that preach on the streets of London every week. If you’d like to join one of these teams please email the OAC London Director, Steve Gurnett, for more details – steve.gurnett@talk21.com

Take a look at some the highlights on the video below.

OAC has a number of other mission opportunities throughout the year, you can see more details from the OAC website HERE