I thought I’d share a short video clips of the team using “Keys to Life” on the streets of Truro earlier today.

Keys to Life is a new type of street of evangelism for me and is based on an idea shared ┬áby Chris Duffett at the OAC Evangelist Conference in 2014. It is a 5 foot key made from painted plywood which has hooks stuck to one side in the shape of a cross. Hanging on the hooks are keyring with an appropriate scripture message. Passers-by are invited to choose a “Key to Life” and read the scripture. Our prayer is that they are led to a keyring with a verse that is relevant to them which then leads into a meaningful conversation. Those that seem interested are then offered a Mark’s gospel which is appropriately title “A Key to Life.”

In the 90 minutes we braved the cold some twenty-eight people took a keyring and we handed out around 10 gospels plus various other bits of literature. The best conversation for me was a young women who gasped when she read John 3:16, “For God so loved the world he gave his only son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” She told me that her friend had put this very verse on her Facebook page yesterday to mark the anniversary of her husbands premature death. Is that God or is that God!

We will be using the Key to Life at different times and will probably take it to the Brighton Fringe in May but it is also available for others to borrow.