Love, love, love – love is all you need. The lyrics from a Beatles song and the title of a new leaflet that I had published.

I wanted something that would communicate God’s love for us and so, as is my want, I decided to write and produce an appropriate leaflet. I also decided to get some balloons with a message saying “God loves you’ or similar. I wrote the leaflet with Valentine’s Day in mind although it is carefully worded so that it can be used at any time of the year.

So armed with a box of leaflet and balloons a small team of braved the bitterly cold and took to the streets of Truro. The flaw in my plan quickly became apparent as I discovered I was the only one who could blow up the balloons and fix them to their sticks – at least that’s what the team told me. So I spent the next hour and a half blowing up 40+ balloons with no gloves on whilst they went off giving away balloons and leaflets and having a number of good conversations. I think the rest of the balloons are likely to sit in my utility room until the summer when it is a bit warmer and then we’ll try again.


creative evangelism