Lockdown is beginning to be eased but the coronavirus is still with us. It’s been an interesting few weeks of not being able to go onto the streets or into schools. I’ve spent some of that time putting some of my magic and stories on video and uploading them to YouTube. I’ve then been sending the links to my schools and also churches in Cornwall. I’ve had a great response from the schools and also from parents and grandparents.

Some of my schools have been using the magic and stories on video in the school, ¬†whilst others have sent the links out to children as part of their home learning experience. It’s rare to get feedback from schools so I’ve been really pleased to get lots of emails over the last few weeks. It’s also been great to bump into parents and grandparents during my daily walk and get good feedback from them too.

I suspect schools won’t be inviting outside visitors in to take assemblies for the rest of this year so I’m intending carrying on putting more magic and stories on video. It does take quite a long time to set up the equipment, record, edit and publish these stories and I also need to learn them again to get them word perfect. In reality I often end up doing several takes.

Please pray that the schools will continue using the magic and stories and also that the coronavirus won’t spell the end of the schools ministry.

You can see the links to my sketchboard stories HERE and to my magic tricks HERE. Please share the links with families, schools and churches that might be interested in them. If you watch any of the videos it would be great if you could ‘like’ them and subscribe too