I had the privilege of being asked by “Creation Fest” to perform a magic show with a message in the children’s tent this August. I regularly use a single magic trick to present the gospel on the streets and in school assemblies but rarely get asked to do a magic show with a message.

The emphasis was on having fun as the children get a full presentation of the gospel in the morning sessions at Creation Fest but I wanted to carry a message throughout. I did a 30 minute magic show based around choices and called it “30 Minutes of Magic and Mayhem with Marten Holmes.” I did some ‘clever stuff,’ took a risk with an unlabelled tin of food, did a number puzzle and played “Omelette Roulette” with real eggs. The final trick looked at some bad lifestyle choices we could take and the best choice of all.

If you’d like me to come to your church, Sunday School or youth group and perform a magic show with a message please drop me an email by clicking HERE. I have a number of different shows which use a mixture of humour and wonder to make people think about the Christian message. Each one lasts roughly 30 minutes.

The title “30 Minutes of Mayhem and Magic” might not be the right one to advertise an event you’re arranging. You could call it something like, “Fish Chips and Magic Tricks.” If you’re organising an evangelistic mission why not put it into a quiz evening or cabaret evening?

If you are organising a evangelistic mission over a weekend or longer why not use a magic show with a message AND my photographic exhibition “A Sideways Look.” You can see more about the exhibition HERE.