This years magic show was a completely new show entitled the “Mad Hatters Magic Show.” I like to theme my shows where possible so this one was themed around different hats each with a trick linked to the hat itself. I entered wearing a Fez which links nicely to cut and balls, I then moved to the top hat which I use to produce a balloon rabbit, multiplying foam rabbits and then into a classic die box routine. This was¬†followed by a deerstalker which links to a game of magical Cluedo; a pirates hat from which I get 3 children to engage in a story where one of them magically escaped from being ‘tied up;’ the final hat was a¬†Santa hat which gave me the opportunity to make a final production of a silk handkerchief to music.

I have a number of magic shows – although they have all been put together for Christmas magic shows in schools or churches they are all easily adapted to use at a different time of year and can be used for a low key and fun gospel presentation. If you’d like to book a magic show in your church or kids club drop me an email by clicking HERE.