I had the privilege of having both the 1000 Faces and Sideways Look exhibitions in Caldicot, Wales last week as part of a missions week which included a team of youngsters from America. Although I’m still too broken after my accident in January to fully take part in the week I was able to get along to part of it. I’m thankful to the team members who put the exhibitions up and took them down again and particularly for carefully following my instructions – it protects the work and makes me happy. It was a great time¬†with lots of activities throughout the week. I didn’t attend too many of the events but did get to hear all the feedback.

My exhibitions were part of a number being displayed at the local Methodist Church whilst other artists were able to display their work in a pop-up shop just down the street. The local school sent numerous Art,RE and philosophy classes over to the exhibitions as part of their curricular studies and there was a great deal of very positive feedback from teachers and students alike. Some of the paintings were displayed on a cube of ‘distressed’ doors. When the exhibitions were being packed away I borrowed the doors to create a new piece of work for the Sideways Look exhibition. William Holman Hunt has a famous painting entitled ‘The Light of the World’ showing a figure standing and knocking at a door without a handle. The image depicts Christ knocking at the heart of an individual and illustrates that the door can only be opened from the inside. Jesus cannot and does not force His way in and take away an individual’s freewill.

My image turns this around the opposite way whilst retaining something of the original meaning. My model is surrounded by doors each representing different paths he could take in life. The number of choices we have can be bewildering. The Bible depicts God as a loving father who has a plan for our lives, all we have to do is choose the right path, to follow Him.