Stories on YouTube

Stories on YouTube

Since the lock down I’ve been filming and putting stories on YouTube. If you go to YouTube and put in my name, Marten Holmes, you will see a list of around a dozen videos. You can see the latest at –                       

As well as stories on YouTube I’ve put two videos up giving detailed instructions of how to do ‘ladder lettering.’ I recorded these just before the schools closed and sent them to all the schools where I take assemblies so that the teachers could send the link to pupils to form part of their home learning.

If you have children or grandchildren please do forward the links to the stories on YouTube. At these difficult times it provides a way of getting ‘the Word’ out and helps occupy children’s time. It would be great if you could like, share and subscribe to the stories on YouTube as it helps bring them to a wider audience.

Spain Update

Spain Update

Having been back home for a couple of weeks I though it was time for a Spain update.

The trip was designed to be part holiday, part as a reading fortnight and part as a recce regarding future ministry.

As a holiday it was great. We arrived just behind one storm which meant we drove through snow in the north and arrived in the middle of the clear up operation in the mediterranean coast. Apart from the first coulee of days where the temperature was around zero we had good weather and I even managed to get my shorts on. Our return trip was just prior to another storm so we had an easy crossing in both directions for which we praise God.

I did get some reading done but not as much as I hoped. This was partly because we moved to a different camp stop most days. Obviously packing up and travelling involves time even if we were only travelling 20 miles some days. I read “Tactics” by Gregory Koukl which is a brilliant book that I’d recommend to all Christians. And I got about a third of the way through “The Cross of Christ” by John Stott which isn’t an easy read.

We met some interesting people and had a few spiritual conversations but the fact that we moved so often meant we didn’t build relationships with people though. I did also give out some tracts in Spanish to shop keepers etc. Perhaps the biggest success was meeting a team of people in Torrevieja from the Salt Church. The team, in their bright yellow team T-shirts, was out on the sea front sharing the gospel and offering to pray with expats. We visited their English speaking church the next morning and were warmly welcomed amongst them.

Based on this year’s trip we are quite keen to go again next winter (my injuries hurt less in the warm and dry) and stay longer in each place to see if we can share the gospel with the motorhome community. I’ve also been been invited to join the street team in Torrevieja if we go again next year.

Thank you for your prayers and interest. We’ll keep you informed about next year.



It’s a New Year and we’re off on a new adventure to Spain.

We went to Spain in October in our motorhome for a holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it and came back to the UK wanting to go back to Spain again when we could. The other thing that came out of our previous trip was my wondering about the issue of community and specifically the community of those who spend all or part of their year in their motorhome.

  • How do these people establish themselves as part of a community?
  • What does this community look like?
  • Are these people just loners who don’t need or have been damaged by community?
  • Is there a gospel opportunity amongst these communities?

It was the last question that really captivated me and so I began to dream dreams. I usually try to take a couple of weeks in the early part of the year to pause, read and pray to charge my batteries for the coming year. So I decided we’d head off to Spain in the midst of winter to take a look at these communities to see if there really is a gospel opportunity.

I am aware of the possibility of mixed motives concerning this decision and maybe I’m just trying to justify a winter holiday. However, if you feel God might be gently nudging you in a direction it seems best to go and see what happens. At best we’ll discover real gospel opportunities whilst at worst we’ll have a bit of a holiday. In reality I should get some reading and praying done, I’ll give away a bunch of tracts and hopefully enjoy some warm weather. (It should be about 5 degrees warmer than Cornwall.)

Do pray for us between  January 19th and February 7th when we’re in Spain. Despite being in full time evangelism for approx 30 years I do find speaking to strangers difficult and it doesn’t play to my strengths.

We’re intending heading to the Alicante area of Spain although weather forecasts yesterday are predicting a “gata fria” (see – for the beginning of next week so we may change our plans somewhat as we don’t have winter tyres or snow chains!

New Team Members

New Team Members

It was great to have some new team members join us on the streets on Saturday. I’ve been going out fairly regularly in the middle of the week but haven’t been out on Saturday very often since the prayer tent outreach came to an end some time ago. There seems to be an increased interest in street evangelism so it is my intention to go out one Saturday, usually the first one, each month. We were joined by two new team members this month who seemed to both enjoy it and be challenged too. Hopefully we’ll continue to get new team members and the team will grow. And who knows, maybe they’ll be another preacher raised up so that the outreach could continue in my absence.

I guess it’s an age thing but I’ve an increased desire to see more people come into the ministry and so I’m looking for people to train and encourage. They say evangelists don’t ever retire but I’m hoping to step back somewhat sometime in the next 10 years or so. One of the great ways to be inspired is to join a team outreach. Below is a list of some of the outreach and training opportunities within OAC, we’d love you to join us. You can see more information at the OAC website at HERE.

Monopoly Mission London

April 23rd-27th 2019

Prayer Conference

May 7th-9th 2019

Brighton Fringe Outreach

May 18th-19th 2019

Streetwise Intensive Cardiff

June 24th-28th 2019  –  click HERE for more details

South Yorkshire Mission                 

July 15th-19th 2019

Reach the City (mission and training) – Oslo

July 30th – August 3rd

London Prayer Walk

August 27th-30th 2019

Evangelists Conference

November 4th-7th 2019

South Yorkshire Mission

South Yorkshire Mission

OAC will be running  the “South Yorkshire Mission” in Sheffield from Monday 15th to Friday 20th July. The South Yorkshire Mission is being organised by OAC Associate Evangelist, Oliver Buckley to both reach the people of Yorkshire and raise the profile of OAC in the area. A number of the OAC evangelists, including me, will travelling to Sheffield for the week to support the mission.

We’re hoping for a team of around 20 people which will be a mixture of local people and OAC evangelists. It will be great working alongside other evangelists and making new friends. We look forward to seeing what God will do during the week. Look back here in a week or so for a report of the week and see some photos.

Short-term Missions

Short-term Missions

OAC National has a number of short-term missions arranged for this year and we are looking for people to join us in street evangelism. If you would like to get involved in a short-term mission on the streets please get in touch to discuss where you might go and what you could do. The dates for the short-term missions are listed below.

Go Mission”     London     April 3rd – 10th

Streetcorner     Romania     May 7th – 12th     An international training week in creative evangelism

Brighton Fringe     May 12th – 13th  and  19th – 20th

Streetwise     July 2nd – 6th    This is a practical weeks course learning how to evangelise on the streets

Oliver’s Army     Yorkshire     July 16th – 20th

Pirates Wanted

Pirates wanted to hand out leaflets in Penzance on Sunday 27th August at the “Pirates on the Prom.”

(World Record Attempt)

Yes, Penzance will be attempting to regain the world record for the most number of ‘pirates’ gathered in one place on August 27th so I’ll be dressing up as a pirate, attending the event and handing out my latest tract “Pirates and the Lost Treasure.”

If you’d like to dress up as a pirate, join in the fun of the day and give away leaflets talking about the greatest treasure, then please let me know.







Streetwise the Residential

Streetwise the Residential

Streetwise the Residential is our new training course for street evangelism. The course will run from July 3rd to 7th and will be based Hebron Hall, Cardiff. As a participant you will learn how to give your testimony, how to preach effectively on the streets, how to make an appeal, how to work as part of a team, gospel magic, literature evangelism and much more. Each day will include devotions, teaching sessions, practice time, and going out onto the streets of Cardiff to share the gospel.

By the end of the course you should have had the opportunity to share your faith and preach on the streets and you will return home with lots of new ideas about effective street evangelism.

OAC Ministries have be preaching on the streets in the UK since the mid ’60s. The course will be led by Marten Holmes (National Director), Steve Harris (Training Director) and Steve Gurnett (London Branch Director).

There are only 15 places available so early booking is advised .

Email for more details.


Street Evangelism Training

Advance notice of dates for street evangelism training – 3rd to 8th July 2017 in Cardiff.

Training will include learning to use and preach with a sketchboard plus a variety of other creative ideas for street evangelism.

OAC Evangelists Conference

Just finished putting together publicity and programme for this year’s Evangelists Conference.

Interested in coming? Email for programme and booking form.

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