A Sideways Look

“A Sideways Look’ is Marten’s major personal project. It is a series of photographs that recreate and re-imagine some of the famous religious and Renaissance paintings in order to make them accessible to a contemporary audience.

The aim is to stay true to the original message of the painting and Bible text whilst using a mixture of modern symbolism and metaphor.  The images have been both framed and printed onto pull-up stands so that they can be displayed in various settings. They are also available as a book – click HERE for details.

The pull-up stands have a copy of the original painting (where applicable) together with text to help understand the images.

Marten can present the exhibition as an evangelistic outreach or as part of a contemplative service or retreat. A book is also available which has Bible study notes in the back.

The images can also form the framework for a talk by Marten, which can be personalised for differing audiences. It can work with a mid-week group, be part of a Sunday service or be used as a gentle, low-key talk for invited non-Christians.

1000 Faces

1000 Faces is an interactive art project that celebrates the beauty of the human face. It is about personality and identity. In an age of celebrities, zero sized models, Photoshop and face lifts, this is a celebration of ordinary people and ordinary lives. These faces show the lives that have been lived in the past and/or the potential lives to be lived. These are un-Photoshopped photos of non-face lifted people.

You can follow the project by clicking 1000 faces of cornwall. If you’d like to be part of the project please email me via the “contact” page to arrange a photos shoot. The project is also available as an interactive exhibition.


For over 10 years Marten has run a part-time photography business, Duchy Photography, photographing everything from weddings to family portraits, bumps to babies, school proms to hotels and animals to cakes.

Due to his other commitments Marten has scaled back this aspect of his work but is still available to bookings from friends and acquaintances.