“A Sideways Look’ is Marten’s major personal project. It is a series of photographs that recreate and re-imagine some of the famous religious and Renaissance paintings in order to make them accessible to a contemporary audience.


The aim is to stay true to the original message of the painting and Bible text whilst using a mixture of modern symbolism and metaphor.  The images have been both framed and printed onto pull-up stands so that they can be displayed in various settings.


The pull-up stands have a copy of the original painting (where applicable) together with text to help understand the images.


Marten can present the exhibition as an evangelistic outreach or as part of a contemplative service or retreat. A book is also available which has Bible study notes in the back.


The images can also form the framework for a talk by Marten, which can be personalised for differing audiences. It can work with a mid-week group, be part of a Sunday service or be used as a gentle, low-key talk for invited non-Christians.