Over the last couple of months I’ve been developing new sketchboard vinyls. The first was a a Christmas quiz which was brilliant. It usually prompted people to stop and take part and the questions led very naturally into being able to share the gospel and give away a piece of Christian literature.

The latest sketchboard vinyl is entitle “Who Said This” and is a series of quotes by famous people about life. The first outing with a prototype of this sketchboard vinyl was last week and led to probably some of the best conversations ever. Having trialled the vinyl I decided to make a few changes to bring in quotes from younger people. I’m excited about using this in the near future and am expecting great things.

Most of the time it is just Chris Cascarina (featured in photo) and myself who go out each Thursday although we are sometimes joined by others. We’d love to build a larger regular team and maybe go out more often, if you’d be interested in joining us and seeing what we do, please get in touch. If you’d like to see details of all the sketchboard vinyls you can see them on the OAC resource page HERE