Having been back home for a couple of weeks I though it was time for a Spain update.

The trip was designed to be part holiday, part as a reading fortnight and part as a recce regarding future ministry.

As a holiday it was great. We arrived just behind one storm which meant we drove through snow in the north and arrived in the middle of the clear up operation in the mediterranean coast. Apart from the first coulee of days where the temperature was around zero we had good weather and I even managed to get my shorts on. Our return trip was just prior to another storm so we had an easy crossing in both directions for which we praise God.

I did get some reading done but not as much as I hoped. This was partly because we moved to a different camp stop most days. Obviously packing up and travelling involves time even if we were only travelling 20 miles some days. I read “Tactics” by Gregory Koukl which is a brilliant book that I’d recommend to all Christians. And I got about a third of the way through “The Cross of Christ” by John Stott which isn’t an easy read.

We met some interesting people and had a few spiritual conversations but the fact that we moved so often meant we didn’t build relationships with people though. I did also give out some tracts in Spanish to shop keepers etc. Perhaps the biggest success was meeting a team of people in Torrevieja from the Salt Church. The team, in their bright yellow team T-shirts, was out on the sea front sharing the gospel and offering to pray with expats. We visited their English speaking church the next morning and were warmly welcomed amongst them.

Based on this year’s trip we are quite keen to go again next winter (my injuries hurt less in the warm and dry) and stay longer in each place to see if we can share the gospel with the motorhome community. I’ve also been been invited to join the street team in Torrevieja if we go again next year.

Thank you for your prayers and interest. We’ll keep you informed about next year.