It’s a New Year and we’re off on a new adventure to Spain.

We went to Spain in October in our motorhome for a holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it and came back to the UK wanting to go back to Spain again when we could. The other thing that came out of our previous trip was my wondering about the issue of community and specifically the community of those who spend all or part of their year in their motorhome.

  • How do these people establish themselves as part of a community?
  • What does this community look like?
  • Are these people just loners who don’t need or have been damaged by community?
  • Is there a gospel opportunity amongst these communities?

It was the last question that really captivated me and so I began to dream dreams. I usually try to take a couple of weeks in the early part of the year to pause, read and pray to charge my batteries for the coming year. So I decided we’d head off to Spain in the midst of winter to take a look at these communities to see if there really is a gospel opportunity.

I am aware of the possibility of mixed motives concerning this decision and maybe I’m just trying to justify a winter holiday. However, if you feel God might be gently nudging you in a direction it seems best to go and see what happens. At best we’ll discover real gospel opportunities whilst at worst we’ll have a bit of a holiday. In reality I should get some reading and praying done, I’ll give away a bunch of tracts and hopefully enjoy some warm weather. (It should be about 5 degrees warmer than Cornwall.)

Do pray for us between ¬†January 19th and February 7th when we’re in Spain. Despite being in full time evangelism for approx 30 years I do find speaking to strangers difficult and it doesn’t play to my strengths.

We’re intending heading to the Alicante area of Spain although weather forecasts yesterday are predicting a “gata fria” (see – for the beginning of next week so we may change our plans somewhat as we don’t have winter tyres or snow chains!