OAC run several training events throughout the year, Streetwise Intensive is the most recent one having been run in Cardiff the week commencing 2nd July. Streetwise aims at training people to preach on the streets, mainly using the sketchboard although magic tricks and escapology also feature. The course runs in two forms – the London Branch run it as a series of one day events spread over 6 month from January to June. Streetwise Intensive is the same course but run each day for a week in Cardiff.

It was great to be part of the training team again this July. We had 9 trainees, 3 from a church in London, 3 from Rotherham and 3 from South Wales. The brilliant thing about have people come in small groups from the same location is that the chances of them going on to  form street teams and putting the teaching into practice is high.

The three people from Rotherham are linked to OAC Associate Evangelist, Oliver Buckley, who is heading the South Yorkshire Mission this month. Oliver is keen to strengthen his links with OAC so a number of the OAC evangelists are joining the mission to encourage Oliver and raise the profile of OAC in the location. It will be a real boost to have 3 newly trained team members on the mission team.

If you are interested in learning how to preach effectively on the streets please contact me for more information or check the Streetwise page on the OAC website.