Praise God for a successful week in Cardiff running the Streetwise the Residential training programme for street evangelism. We had 7 people join the course all of whom felt a real call to evangelism. We had a great week with this diverse group of people teaching them about evangelism, the Gospel, sharing their testimony, learning to use the sketchboard and and many other means of creative evangelism. The course is a mixture of theory and the practical, each day we went out onto the streets of Cardiff and some of the OAC team preached the Gospel using a variety of means including the sketchboard, magic tricks and escapology. The aim was that ell of the trainees would be able to preach a message by the end of the week.However,  here were a few health problems (nothing too serious) so that not everyone was able to preach on the streets during the week. The good news though is that we were able to link all but one of the trainees with an OAC evangelist in their own area so hopefully they will be able to join a team and put the things they learned into practice.

We had some great gospel conversations throughout the week as a result of the street preaching and at least two people made some form of commitment. Obviously it’s difficult to follow people up but we were able to point some of them to local churches.

The next scheduled “Streetwise” course will be in London starting in January and will be a series of Saturday over around a 6 month period. Do get in touch if you would like more details or keep an eye on the OAC Facebook page. If you can’t wait until January we might be able to run a course especially for you, in your church perhaps.