Ways to Support Marten

You can support Marten in a number of different ways:


What Marten does can be compared to the tip of an arrow – without the support and drive of the arrow shaft and bow, the arrow head is ineffective.  Marten’s quarterly newsletter gives information, feedback and prayer points. Use the contact page to request this.


Marten mostly works alone so the encouragement and fellowship of others is important. It functions like the fletch (feathers) on an arrow – it helps keep the arrow (Marten) on the right path.


OAC evangelists “live by faith” – in other words there is no central pot of money that pays a salary. Marten Holmes’ ministry is funded by people like you. If you’d like to become a partner in this ministry with either a regular or one-off gift, please contact Marten. OAC is a charity so you can Gift Aid your support. To make a gift through click HERE.