In school assemblies this term I am doing the story of flags. Specifically I’m looking at St Piran’s flag and the Union Flag. I retell some of the stories of Piran and how he became the patron saint of Cornwall and how Perranporth grew up around the church in the dunes.

I then talk about the Union Flag, how it is made up of three flags representing the countries of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I show and discuss the flags of each of the countries weaving the gospel from the symbolism of the St George’s, St Andrew’s and St Patrick’s flags with the red cross set in the front and centre of the flag. The children discover that the red cross on a white background was chosen to symbolise the cross that Jesus died on. The red reminds of of love and blood whilst the blue of St Andrew’s flag can remind us of royalty.

After telling so many facts about the flags I then do a simple gospel magic trick called the ‘mis-made flag’ which has lots of fun with the trick apparently going wrong before it is finally successful